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Why Romans 8:38 Does NOT Say "I'm Convinced That Nothing Can Spare Us From God's Wrath."

It’s Sunday morning, September 10, 2017 and I am in my home office in Palm Bay, Florida. The first bands of hurricane Irma are sweeping in and we have had three tornado warnings in the past four hours. 

I am sure there are many more to come. 

But we have been spared to a certain degree. On Thursday, the storm was expected to come up the east coast of the Florida peninsula and have direct impact on Palm Bay. Today the storm is heading up the west coast, so we are only getting the eastern bands of the storm, not the 120+ mph winds that our neighbors in the Keys, Naples, Tampa and surrounding areas will be enduring today.

I want to wrestle with a theological question this morning.

And the only reason I want to ask this question is because I think there is a lot of misinformation being propagated by people who think they understand God better than everyone else; and as a result, are causing many to create an image of God that is, I believe, counter intuitive to the God of Christianity as reve…

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