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Creating Problems

Therefore, I conclude that we shouldn’t create problems for Gentiles who turn to God. – Acts 15.19 CEB

This passage comes out of that historic moment in the life of the early Church we call the Jerusalem Council. First Church Jerusalem had a problem, and so they did what all good churches do: they called a meeting!

At the meeting, the main agenda item involved whether or not Gentiles (non Jewish folks) were allowed to come to the party. Some of the apostles had been having success sharing the message of Jesus with the Gentiles in surrounding areas, and they were beginning to feel like that whole “God so loved the world” thing might actually mean that God so loved the WORLD. They wanted to find a way to ensure that everyone got to be a part of this new thing God was up to, and not just a select few.

Others weren’t quite so sure.

Those people are different than we are.

They don’t look like us, or act like us, or believe the same things we believe. 

Their skin is a different color, they worshi…

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