Come Let Us Go Down And Confuse Their Language

In Genesis 11, the Scriptures tell us that God confused the language of the people, thereby instituting a global communication breakdown that remains in place to this day.

There is no question that one of the greatest challenges facing us today as we try and relate in healthy ways to each other is communication breakdown.

Experts tell us that there are generational and gender issues that need to be considered when seasrching for helthy ways of communicating; we need to understand that Boomers and Millenials communicate in uniquely different ways, and men and women communicate in uniquely different ways. This is all educational and somewhat informative, but how about some practical advice.

I cannot find a place in scripture where God decided to fix the communication problem that was born at Babel. In fact, the communication challenges seem to become more problematic in the NT and during the rise of the early church.

I'd love to hear from some of you about communication strategies that work for you. I'd also like to hear some stories from some of you regarding ways that you have or have not been able to avoid communication breakdown in relationship. I wonder about things like technology: does technology hinder or enhance our ability to communicate?

Let me hear from you. But make sure you communicate clearly.


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