Open Letter to those under 30

Dear readers born after 1979:

Thank you for taking the time to read this and to respond.

I am a pastor. Part of my job - a pretty large part - is preaching. I preach every Sunday to folks just like you who have taken the time to come to worship. And I enjoy doing it.

Here's my question: do you care?

Let me rephrase: does the preaching portion of worship "work" for you? Is it meaningful to you as a source of spiritual growth, encouragement, guidance etc.? Or is it the time of the service where you tend to "check out?"

I am very interested in hearing your thoughts on this. As a 42 year old, I tend to "learn" best through listening. Now, I do learn through observing and experiencing, but my learning preference is listneing to someone teach me what they know. Of course, I expect certain things from the one doing the talking: I expect that the communicator is educated and knowledgeable with regard to the subject matter; I expect that the communicator is passionate about the subject; I expect that the communicator can teach the material in a way that I can understand; and I expect that the communicator will lead me to a deeper appreciation of the subject matter, and a desire to learn more.

What are your thoughts? I am sincerely interested in whether you think preaching is a viable source of communicating the good news to your generation.


  1. yes it Matters! and we care (or at least I care)
    I know I dont go to your Church (I go to Trinity) but yes... I heard you preach at Oakwood and I don't know If you've forgotten the way that room filled with tears every night but I'll never forget it.
    I'm sure it was different for you but the kids weren't just crying because we could feel God in that room. It was also because what you had said made us think and as we understood more we grew in our faith.
    I don't know if I necessairily was one of the people this was directed to because I dont go to your Church and hear you preach offten. But I do apply to the under 30 part =]
    so to answer your question...I know I care...and Im pretty sure im not alone.
    ~Sarah =]

  2. Thanks Sarah.

    Your comments mean a lot too me.

    Thanks for responding

  3. Hey brother. I think Teaching is what you were created to do. You are gifted with a demeanor and a humility that pleases those who listen and causes them to want to draw closer to the part of God that you exemplify. I think it is essential to keep preaching. I also have been thinking a lot about how every gift is subject to the leading of the Holy Spirit. This might look like not teaching when you intended to because the Spirit would like to touch the assembly through worship or even silence. I know that's a bit off topic, but I've been thinking about it none the less. PLUS the Word of the Lord does not return void. I look at 'preaching' as a communication of knowledge that is intent on going past the mind and into the heart. If it is God's word, it is true. God uses many men who don't have a contrite heart because they speak the Word of God. How much more will a man be used who has a fully humble, childlike and servant heart towards his father? man...keep doing what you're doing. You have the favor of the Lord. He will instruct you and teach you as you teach others. Thanks so much for the post.


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