Jesus: A Wild Man?

In their book ReJesus: A Wild Messiah for a Missional Church, Michael Frost and Alan Hirsch give the following description for Jesus:

"Jesus was a wild man. He was a threat to the security of the religious establishment. He was baptized by a wild man. He inaugurated his ministry by spending time with the wild beasts of the wilderness. He was unfazed by a wild storm that lashed his boat on an excursion across a lake and with the wildness of the demoniacs of Gaderenes. And while he ultimately brought peace to both those situations, in neither instance did Jesus appear overwhelmed or frightened by the circumstances. There was an untamed power within him. Even his storytelling so often characterized by the church today as warm morality tales, was dangerous and subversice and mysterious. If your answer to the question 'what would Jesus do?' is that he would be conventional, safe, respectable and refined, then we suspect you didn't find that answer in the Goseples" (20).

They go on to argue that "too many people have become turned off to the church because the object of our faith seems bland and insipid" (21).

These are strong words. But I wonder if they aren't painfully accurate.

Any thoughts?


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