10 Things We Can All Do In 2010

The following is from an article in the Jan/Feb 2010 edition of Relevant Magazine by Jason Boyett. The article is entitle "Resolve This."

Ten Challenges for the New Year:

1. Take the Physical Challenge. The article challenges us to register for a local endurance event and train for it.

2. Memorize a chapter of the Bible. Not just a verse or two, but an entire chapter. How about an entire book? You can do it!

3. Reduce your carbon footprint in one major way. Ideas: don't use your dryer for a year; replace incandescent bulbs with CFL's; turn off lights and unplug applinace when not in use; drive less; start a garden or compost pile.

4. Learn to cook one mouth watering dish. Find a recipe book or a good website (www.allrecipes.com) and get cooking!

5. Learn to pray a whole new way. Ideas: pray out loud; pray the scriptures; use a prayer book (the Book of Common Prayer); change your posture etc.

6. Do something you've been putting off. Ideas: saving for retirement; purchase life insurance; draw up a household budget; reunite with an estranged family member; forgive a person who wronged you; find a church home.

7. Start a new relationship that's not about you. Ideas: get to know someone at a local nursing home; participate in a youth mentoring program like Big Brothers Big Sisters; or Friends for Youth; spend some time volunteering in your local church with ministries that you normally would not participate in. Whatever you do, make sure that the relationships you develop are selfless: you are not looking to get anything in return.

8. Do soemthing that freaks you out. Ideas: go skydiving; get a tattoo; save up and take a big family vacation; register for that class you've been wanting to take; go back to school; learn karate; sing karaoke, etc.

9. Reduce as much debt as possible. Cut out the non-neccessities; set up a budget (try www.mint.com to get started) cut up those credit cards and use cash or debit cards only; begin paying off the high interest debt first and work hard to eliminate as much as possible; start an emergency savings fund.

10. Donate your time to a cause that matters to you. Writing a check is great; but getting involved is more fulfilling. Discover a cause that you're passionate about and give some time to it!

Be blessed this New Year!


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