Is The Church a Store or a Bridge?

The following is taken from Jim Walker's book, Dirty Word: The Vulgar, Offensive Language of the Kingdom of God.

Food for thought:

The Difference Between a Store and a Bridge
  • A store has doors and walls, most of the time locked; a bridge is open 24/7
  • A store is in one location; a bridge connects multiple places
  • A store has signs and advertisement; a bridge gets used because people need it
  • A store is nice and fancy because it needs customers to survive; a bridge is dirty because it gets walked on, traveled on and worn down
  • A store is a safe place; a bridge can be, at times, risky and dangerous
  • A store gets new products, carries brand names; a bridge is a bridge
  • A store has employees; a bridge is made of cememnt towers and steel beams and little rivets, each one just as important as the other
  • Customers determine a store's worth by how much it has; traveler's determine the worth of a bridge by what it connects. (91)


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