The Journey Begins

Today I “officially” begin my duties as pastor of The Journey. Although I have been laying the groundwork for about two months now, it is time to actually begin the journey.

Here are a few things that are on my radar for the next couple of months:

• Secure the Shoal River Middle School for worship celebrations beginning in September

• Start a Community Life Group with folks who are committed to being a part of The Journey or who are considering being a part of The Journey

• Meet people

• Send out donation letters (you just might get one. If you do, be generous! We need it)

• Continue renovations on The Connection with hopes of opening The Journey Java Connection by mid to late August

• Meet people

• Participate in the Downtown Music and Arts event on July 8

• Meet the Pastor dinner at The Connection on July 22

• Meet people

• Register to attend NCC Unplugged in October

• Develop activities and events for those interested in the church to connect with each other and the community

• Meet people

Meeting people and generating excitement about the new church and the coffeehouse are my primary objectives during July and August. I want to be able to have a solid group of interested individuals and families as we approach our first preview service in September. I also want to continue to establish outreach and local mission as foundational values of The Journey. Our CLG’s (Community Life Groups) will be missional in nature and not just fellowship and discipleship based as many small groups are. We will encourage all of our small groups to actively seek ways to engage with the community on a regular basis. I have been reading Missional Small Groups Becoming a Community That Makes a Difference in the World by M. Scott Boren which has been very helpful and insightful as I begin developing plans for our small group ministry.

Please be praying for us as we begin this journey, there are many obstacles and much opposition that we are facing and that we will continue to face. We value your prayers and your support.

And so the journey begins.


  1. Ron & Pat GrossJuly 9, 2011 at 11:29 AM

    Sean & Sandra,
    Your website is very impressive, and you have obviously accomplished a great deal in such a short time. It's not surprising, as the two of you have been blessed with uplifting energy and creativity!
    Please know you and The Journey are in our prayers.
    Ron & Pat

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