The Journey Java Connection: Progress

Yesterday we made some serious progress on The Journey Java Connection.

We had a great team of folks helping us and in 9 hours we mananged to get the coffee bar built. This was one of our biggest projects as we continue to aim for an August 12 opening.

The Journey Java Connection is going to be our mission outpost to this community providing a relaxed atmosophere, free wifi, a lending library, live music and of course a variety of coffee drinks.

When we leased this building in May, Sandra and I thought we were getting a nice-sized building for The Journey church's offices and small group/meeting space. God had some different plans and began to birth in us a desire to use this building primarily as a means to bless our community.

We are in the process of doing research on other Christian owned coffeehouses. We are planning to attend Unplugged at National Community Church in October and glean from their experience with Ebenezer's Coffeehouse as well as take a visit to Tallahassee and talk with our friends at Redeye Coffee. If you are familiar with any Christian owned coffeehouses that are making a difference in the community please comment here or shoot me an email I'd love to hear from you.

Here's some pictures of the progress we made yesterday.


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