Do Something

Before I became a “professional Christian” I had aspirations of being a movie star. I studied drama as an undergraduate and had all intentions of making it big on stage and screen. Often before a production I would have what is lovingly referred to in the theatre world as a “theatre nightmare.” Typically one of two things happen in a theatre nightmare: either 

a.) you discover after you have walked on to the stage that you are stark naked or 

b.) you discover after you have walked on stage that you do not have a clue what you are supposed to say or do. 

The most terrifying of theatre dreams includes a combination of both! In almost every dream, I find myself frozen in place unable to do a thing: paralyzed with fear and humiliation. In those moments I would scream at myself in my dream: JUST DO SOMETHING!

In John 14.12, Jesus says that we are to DO greater works than He did in this life. Our calling as followers of the Risen Lord is to DO SOMETHING. Far too often, however, we find ourselves paralyzed as Christians. Perhaps we are afraid to get our hands dirty, or stain ourselves by being around “those kinds of people” whoever “those kinds of people” may be; or maybe it’s just much more comfortable to sit in a building and learn about faith even though the words of James echo in our brains (“faith without works is dead. The demons have faith and tremble. DO SOMETHING!) Whatever the case, I find myself convicted by the words of Matthew Barnett in his book The Cause Within You:

"We can talk all we want about making a difference in the world, leaving the world a better place, imprinting our mark on the world, having a lasting legacy - but unless our core objective relates to ways in which we serve people to the best of our abilities, it's all just empty talk."

One of the primary critiques of Christianity by young people these days is that we aren’t living out our faith. Young people hear us talk about following Jesus, but they don’t see us actually doing anything remotely close to what Jesus did. In fact, they don’t see us doing much of anything. Young people want their lives to matter; they want to make a difference. And the only way to do that is to actually DO SOMETHING!

Our neighborhoods, cities, towns, offices, and schools are full of people looking for love in all the wrong places, starving for fulfillment, security, comfort and happiness, and we have what they are looking for: the forgiveness, grace, power, and unconditional love of Jesus.

There is a lot of talk these days about Changing the World. If we are going to change the world, it will not happen by sitting in our pews and listening to a good sermon on “How to Change the World” (although such sermons should be preached as a means of equipping the saints for the WORK of the ministry [Eph. 4.12]) It’s going to happen when the inspired and impassioned saints of God rise up from their pews full of the power of the Holy Spirit and driven by a heart to serve and choose to GO in to all the world and DO SOMETHING!


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