Some Random Thoughts on Chick Fil'A and Jesus

Chick Fil’A takes stand for biblical principles.

A youtube video accuses Chick Fil’A of violating biblical principles (Leviticus 11:7) by serving sausage and bacon at breakfast.

Another youtube video asks people to visit Chick Fil’A and order a large water. If they are charged for the water they are told to tell the manager that they are violating biblical principles by not giving a cup of water to a thirsty person according to Proverbs 25:21.

Mike Huckabee and Billy Graham endorse Chick Fil’A and call for all Americans to show their support by frequenting a local Chick Fil’A on August 1. Currently 280,992 are planning on doing this according to the Facebook event page Chick Fil’A Appreciation Day.

Opponents have organized a Facebook Event called “National Same-Sex Kiss Day at Chick Fil’A” on August 3rd.

And on and on and on …

Are we really going to do this?

While I respect the opinion of the president of Chick Fil'A, I think he put himself and his company out there for attack by speaking out against gay marriage. This is such a hot button issue in our country right now, and sadly, too many people are trying to make it a biblical
issue by dragging scripture references in to support their stance.

The Bible is our standard as Christ followers, but we must read and interpret the Bible through a lens of mystery; humbly approaching God’s Holy Word as mortals whose ways and thoughts are much lower than God’s (Isaiah 55.8) Likewise, while the Old Testament is integral to our understanding of the Story of God, and the epistles  and letters of the New Testament provide insight and guidance from the perspective of the early Church and her apostles, the Gospels must be our primary texts. Jesus is God. If you want to see the Father, look no further than the Son. The message of Jesus and the Gospels is crystal clear and summarized in John  13.34-35: 34 “I give you a new commandment: Love each other. Just as I have loved you, so you also must love each other. This is how everyone will know that you are my disciples, when you love each other.”

The Chick Fil’A war does not reflect love. In fact, it reflects just the opposite. We continue to tear each other apart over an issue that Jesus never spoke a single word about. And while we fight, a hurting, broken world walks away and looks elsewhere for the hope and grace that they desperately long for, and that can only be found in Jesus.

The message of the Savior is love. Love regardless of whether we think the person(s) are right or wrong. Just love. Let God do what God does. We do not have a mandate from our Lord to try and change anyone. The marching orders of the King are not, “deny yourself, take up your cross and make sure everyone believes the same things you believe.” We are called to “follow him.” Follow the one who forgave, the one who blessed, the one who comforted, the one who broke all of the cultural and religious rules of the day to ensure that broken, hurting people experienced the grace and love that God offers.

Boycott Chick Fil’A if you want to, post youtube videos with your personal opinion if you must, support or oppose the restaurant on Facebook if you just can’t help yourself, but please do not forget that all of this hatred – and I don’t think that is too strong a word – is doing absolutely nothing to further the Kingdom of God in this world. 


  1. I appreciate the general point of the post, but two things:

    1. Where did Mr. Cathy "speak out against gay marriage"? I saw statements for healthy traditional (no divorce) marriages, but nothing about homosexuality in any of his word with the Baptist Press.

    2. Do you really believe that Jesus "broke all of the cultural and religious rules of the day"? He seemed to spend a lot of time teaching that we are to live into them to their full extent. (I realize this may not be what you were intending to say, but it is what a plain reading should suggest.)

    It's quite true that Jesus calls us Children of God to love each other. I was dismayed to see Mike and Rick jump in to make this even more political. That said the "hate" I've seen is almost exclusively in one direction.

    I've tried to do my part by praying for Mayor Menino per Jesus' instruction.

    I'd hope that the "progressive" Christians who have jumped on the bandwagon to slander Chickfila and its founders would repent.

  2. dittos to the above comment

  3. John, thank you for your comments. Anonymous, thank you for your hearty endorsement of said comments.

    In response:

    1. While I do not think that a statement against gay marriage was made directly, it was implied. Otherwise, I think Mr. Cathy would have come out and made that clear by now.

    2. Like Jesus, I tend to use hyperbole on occasion. I do not think that he broke "all" of the cultural and religious norms, but my understanding of his mission clearly included a deconstruction of the status quo and an emphasis upon the "new" (i.e. new commandment, new covenant etc.)

    Repentance is certainly in order.

  4. I agree with Sean completely. The disappointing consequence of this whole matter is the division it imposes. It not only drives a wedge between those who support and love gay people and those who don't, but it is further dividing Christians into "progressive" and "conservative" camps. All this during an election for the sole purpose of furthering political agendas. The best thing that we as Christians should do is ignore this issue and get out and help someone in need or love someone who is hurting. Supporting or boycotting a fast food chain should not be of any concern to us.


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