We Need Your Help To Take The Next Step On Our Journey

I am writing today to ask a BIG favor of my readers;

Would you consider helping our new church financially?

Here’s what I am praying for:

100 people/businesses/churches to give $25.00 a month to support The Journey.

This is what we need minimally to get to where I believe the Lord is taking us right now.

We have the opportunity to get in to two buildings in Crestview that will enable us to do the kind of ministry that we feel led to do here in our community.

The buildings were originally built in 2005 and used as group homes. They are equipped with bedrooms, showers, laundry rooms and full kitchens. We envision a “Dream Center” here in Crestview the likes of the one in LA and Birmingham where the “least of these” in our community can be fed, clothed, housed and healed. This facility would enable us to do that.

Currently there are no temporary housing facilities in our city. We could do something about that. We would also provide a cold night shelter and a soup kitchen on a regular basis through these facilities.

One of the buildings would primarily serve as the gathering place for The Journey church (worship space, small group rooms, youth center, offices etc.) and the other would serve as our mission post and Dream Center.

If you would like further information on this big dream of ours, please feel free to contact me sean@journeycrestview.com or call me (850) 398-8814.

We have set up a PayPal account on our website for secure online giving. You can access that at www.journeycrestview.com or you can simply mail us a check and let us know if we can expect your gift on a monthly basis. The mailing address is:

The Journey
PO BOX 1236
Crestview, FL

We are a small congregation and really need the support of those who have the resources to help us realize our dream.

Thank you for your prayers and any financial support you might be able to give.

In His Service



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