You're Being So Dramatic: Our Ongoing Attempts At Being Missional

In an ongoing effort to be missional, The Journey has recently decided to lead the charge in formulating a Community Theatre in Crestview.

Sandra and I, as well as our worship leaders Nick and Cathy, bring years of theatre experience with us into this church plant. We could have simply decided to start a “church drama ministry” which many churches do, but we realized pretty quickly that Crestview did not have a community theatre. So, we set to work to begin connecting with folks in the community who might have some interest in starting a local theatre group.

We soon discovered that there was a real desire to get a community theatre up and going but no leadership to make it happen. That was all we needed to hear.

Currently we are working with the Okaloosa Arts Alliance and the Crestview Arts and Culture committee to lay the groundwork for a new Community Theatre: A View from the Stage.

We are only a week away from our inaugural production of Arsenic and Old Lace which will run November 16-18th at Warriors Hall.

We have roles being played by Christians and non-Christians, church-goers and free-spirits, believers and skeptics.

We have made some wonderful new friends and have had opportunities to talk with them about God and faith in ways that we may never have been able to had we not built a bridge to the artistic community by thinking outward instead of inward. Church drama ministries are awesome and provide great opportunities for fellowship amongst believers. Thinking outside the box and helping to create a community theatre where all are welcome and where there are no religious requirements is something completely different.

This is thinking missionally.
This is incarnating the gospel.
This is something that every church can do.

What are you waiting for?


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