Mosaic Palm Bay - A New Faith Community

Mosaic Palm Bay is a new faith community that I have the privilege of starting beginning July 1st. We chose the name Mosaic because of the deep symbolism and theological nuance conveyed by the term.

Here is a little about this new thing that is being birthed in Central Florida:
At Mosaic we believe that we are all inherently broken because of our human condition. Life has thrown us a curve ball. We have made poor choices. Others have made poor choices. Whatever the cause, we have experienced brokenness. We know that there must be something more, but we have no idea where it is or how to find it. We are not even sure that we are worthy of finding it. At Mosaic we believe that there is Something More, and we believe that everyone is worthy of finding it.
We believe that there is a God/Force/Spirit/Higher Power/Energy that we like to call The Great Artist, who is actively seeking to bring together the broken pieces of all of our lives and make something beautiful, and we believe that the Great Artist is most fully revealed to us in the person and work of Jesus of Nazareth.
We desire to create a safe space where anyone (and we really mean anyone) can come and journey with us as we seek healing and wholeness in our lives, and genuinely strive to find our unique place in the Great Artist’s cosmic mosaic. We are particularly interested in welcoming the sojourner and the spiritual outcast. If you have never quite felt like you belonged in a church, Mosaic welcomes you; if you’ve been wounded by church or rejected by religious people, Mosaic welcomes you; if you’ve been told that you are a sinner or are going to hell because of your lifestyle, your appearance, your behavior, or who you love, Mosaic welcomes you; if you’ve never been to a church, but have a deep sense that there is more than what we can experience with our senses, Mosaic welcomes you; if you don’t know what you believe, have a million questions, are full of doubt, but hunger for more, Mosaic welcomes you.
At Mosaic we believe that art is transformative. Art has power. Art can create change. We desire to be a community of faith that works for justice by taking a stand on important social causes, fighting for the underdog and the marginalized, caring for the poor, working for equality, and offering hope everywhere we go.
In a mosaic, the pieces are all different: different shapes, different colors, different sizes, different textures; just different. But when all the differents are put together, a beautiful piece of art is created. This is our vision for Mosaic: that all the different, broken pieces in our community will come together to form something beautiful, and that the masterpiece created by The Great Artist will inspire and transform the world.
If any of this resonates with you, please check out our Facebook Page like and share it.

Positive thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated.


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